Hunting Black Bear today can be very difficult, with many trips ending in shattered dreams & no trophy. 

Costigan Lake Lodge is committed to providing the finest Black Bear hunting experience for the big game enthusiast.

Hunting Saskatchewan is a unique experience unparalleled to any you have ever had. Big bruins are abundant in this virgin unspoiled area. Combining this with the savvy and history we have for producing big Black Bears, leads you to a winning combination.

Many of our guests have ample hunting experience and still come in shaking with excitement from their evenings hunt.

Our hunts are done from tree stands over active bait stations. Most of our clients are archery hunters however rifle and muzzleloader hunters are also welcome

Because this is a vast landscape you may not see a lot of bears in the evening, but the quality of bears is unbelievable and has to be seen for yourself.


We have package trips available, so let us tailor a trip to your liking – Contact us Today!


See you in camp!





I write this letter to provide you with a little background. Archery is and has been my passion for many years. It’s my driving force and provides me with the utmost pleasure. I have 30 years of archery hunting experience plus 10 years in developing, patenting and marketing archery equipment. This has provided me with first hand knowledge of many unqualified, unprepared outfitters, over booked camps, under staffed personnel, over hunted area, cold stands and much more more. Others in the business use unethical means, misrepresentations of the truth and just out right lies to promote sales.

I came to your camp fully prepared both mentally and physically. I had been practicing shooting for months prior to my trip. I had heard many good things about Wolf Pack from my friend and hunting partner, Dirk Stolz, who is also an award winning taxidermist. However, I was still somewhat skeptical remembering my previous bear hunt experiences. This would be my third hunt, however, the first with Wolf Pack. On previous hunts I passed on several immature bears, my goals were set high and hadn’t changed. If necessary I was prepared to go home empty handed.

Hunting conditions for the week were ideal. I choose to film two large bear the first night, the second night was zero, no bear movement through the camp. Mid week I walked into a conversation with my two bear guides, Ed and Chris, along with Wolf and Gary. They were genuinely concerned about the spotty bear movement and what could be done. As I listened I learned their experience was obvious, there was no doubt in my mind that I had finally chosen the right outfitter. They had done their homework and still were working hard to encourage bear movement. We really were placed in prime bear country. Their hard work, truth and honesty is all you can ask for from your guide. There are no guarantees, it’s Mother Nature and wild animals – that’s why it’s called hunting.

The week went by much too quickly. I truly appreciated the fact that even though your guides were constantly on the move each one found time to share stories or information with me. I made some terrific new friends on the trip.

Before the week was up I harvested one of the largest Cinnamon Bear to date, easily a Pope & Young, a bear of a lifetime. Needless to say Dirk will be doing a full body mount. We were already planning our next trip before we even left camp. Not because of the bear I took, or the outstanding fishing, but because of Wolf Pack’s professional and personal outstanding guides.


Scott Brooks
Pewaokee, WI

Scott Brooks